The Alireza Ensemble

April 30, 2:00 pm
MERA Schoolhouse, McDonald’s Corners


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The String Quartet is arguably the most perfectly balanced arrangement of instruments that has evolved to express the style of music we now term classical and so it naturally follows that we are delighted to be able to bring the Alireza Ensemble to the MERA schoolhouse on Sunday, April 30. This quartet has been assembled by violinist Alireza Tarviji, an amazingly talented and committed young man who lives and breathes for his music. To complete the quartet Ali has brought together three very talented and experienced musicians: Galina Rezaeipour (violin), Emmanuelle Lambert-Lemoine (viola) and Fanny Marks (cello). The quartet’s repertoire will include some familiar classics by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, etc. as well as a few pieces by Iranian composers that Ali has brought to the group.

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