Wendell & Wheat

November 13, 2:00 pm
MERA Schoolhouse, McDonald’s Corners


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As sought after independent musicians, both Katherine Wheatley and Wendell Ferguson keep busy as solo artists and with various collaborators. As Wendell & Wheat these two musical friends bring a chemistry that is musically rich and just plain fun.

Canadian Country Music Hall of Famer (2014), Wendell Ferguson, has traveled the globe and accompanied a veritable who’s who in both the country and folk genres as one of this country’s most talented guitar pickers. Wendell’s zany gentle wit is in contrast to his seriously amazing guitar chops and has perhaps been best summarized as “The Victor Borge of the guitar” by Country Music News.

Katherine Wheatley is no slouch on the guitar either, but this is just one component of the package she brings to the table. To quote the Old Chestnut News “Lyrically, her songs are thoughtful and reflective, sometimes funny…often poignant…Melodically and harmonically, all her songs were beautifully crafted and expertly performed. But it’s her performance of the songs that remains so memorable.”